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Server update to 1.19

The time you have all been waiting for! We are finally done with updating and optimizing Minecraft 1.19 version for OasisMc!


What has been updated

While it is no exaggeration that we had to update everything on the server, the critical updates this time around are the following:

  • Minecraft version to 1.19
  • Geyser (Bedrock) version to 1.19
  • All plugins that were stuck on 1.18.x have been updated to 1.19
  • The world has been reset and optimized for the additions of both 1.18 and 1.19
  • A brand new spawn has been added and there are multiple things to be done and seen there
  • Economy and Economy Functionalities have been added
  • Crates have been changed, updated, and optimized (1/3)
  • Donor ranks have been updated


What new features have been added

  • A better Nether experience has been added by amplifying the whole nether world. This includes the whole nether optimization for 1.19 and the addition of an expansion of the nether itself. To access the nether is as simple as it has always been by simply building and going through the nether. This upgrade of the nether has simply made the nether a better cinematic and explorable experience while still keeping to the good old nether to explore, fight and loot.
  • A better End experience has also been added by amplifying both the Dragon fighting map and the explorable end. It is no exaggeration to say that the End is quite an explorable place now including biomes and optimized end cities. This expansion utilizes the whole Y coordinate.
  • People are now able to have money with the newly implemented economy system. The economy system is similar to all other servers around, and people will be able to use, make and transfer money around.
    • To check the balance please use the commands /money, /balance or /bal.
    • To transfer money between players use the command /pay [player] [amount].
    • To check balance leaderboard use /baltop or /balancetop
  • The whole new experience with the economy has been added and balanced to provide the fairest and most fun experience. To access the shop, it's as simple as typing /shop in chat.
    • If there are any blocks, items, tools, etc. that you wish to add to the shop please do let us know so that we can add that and balance them according to the current economy.
  • Apart from adding the server shop, we are giving the players the chance to make their own shops with Chest Shops.
    • The tutorial on how to set it up is on the commerce area in spawn so don't forget to check it out
  • We have also implemented the addition of the Auction House. Simply by doing /ah you can access it.


What features have been changed

  • Crates plugin has been changed
    • Voting Crates have been optimized, prizes have been updated, and the UI for crates has been modified to prevent players from losing crate keys
    • Loot Crates have been changed to Seasonal Crates where we will be changing the theme and the different functionalities for those
      • Current Seasonal Crate: Dianthus Not released yet, more info will be provided in the future
    • Donor Crates
      • Currently being worked on, side to side with the updating of the ranks themselves.
  • Holograms plugin has been updated and optimized
  • Custom items have been optimized and they will be released periodically on the voting crate.
    • Some will only be available on Seasonal Create
  • MCMMO has been added
  • Slimefun has been removed from the server
  • Custom Mobs have been turned off for balancing and releasing for a possible future update
  • Rank Up system has been turned off for balancing and releasing for a possible future update

New Spawn

Since we have decided to reset the Survival world, we have decided to create a new Spawn. In this spawn you will find the following:

  • Crates
  • Commerce Area
    • Chest Shop Guide
    • Shop
    • Auction House
    • Donor Store
    • Donor Shop Still Being Worked One
    • Stalls soon to be filled
  • Parkour
  • Survival Portal (RTP)
  • Fishin Areas Coming Soon
  • More areas to be added soon

Thanks for waiting patiently and we do hope that you do have a wonderful experience with the new Update. As we have mentioned previously we are looking to keep adding content periodically. Some features that we plan to release in the future:

  • Fishing Event and Competitions
  • Custom Mobs
  • Boss Mobs
  • InGame Ranks
  • New Gamemode?
  • And More


If you have any feedback or suggestions for this new update please do let us know so that we can take them into consideration. If you notice any bugs or any feature that is not working as intended or mentioned please do let us know so that we can fix it ASAP